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December 9&10 Holiday Store & Open Studios. Saturday & Sunday, 10-5




Saturday, November 4th

blown glass

Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays in November, 1-6pm

Glass artists including: Sally Prasch, Wayne Strattman, Colleen Grebus,
Louise Erskine, Lori Engle,Dominique Caissie, Annukka Ritalahi,
Wesley Fleming, Martha Giberson, EricGoldschmidt,
Beth Hylen, Jeremy Sinkus, Ann Conlin, Josh & Marta Bernbaum,
Pat Bennett, Paula Williams Kochanck


Lori Lynn Hoffer

Artist Reception on Sunday, October 15, 4-6pm.




Leverett Crafts & Arts celebrated it's

50th Anniversary!

LC&A 50th Anniversary: September 2017: Music, Historical Presentations, Art Exhibit, Gala Event

Works by founding and past artists and craftspeople,
artists of LC&A and a commemoration of the history of the Center
from industrial box factory to craft and art center.

September 4th to 30th.
Thursday through Sunday 1:00-6:00PM.


Artist reception with food and music:

Sunday September 17, 2017 from 1-6PM




Tony Biladeau

Recent Works

Stylistic Dahlias
White Dahlias, acrylic, 30"x40"

Born in Western Massachusetts, Tony Biladeau earned his BFA and MFA degrees at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and has been showing his work for 30 or more years. For the last twenty years he has concentrated on acrylic painting. Recent works are acrylic paintings, oil pastels and drawings with floral, landscape and figurative themes. Drawings have been ongoing for the past several years and only recently have they been converted into paintings.

“I’ve enjoyed the spiritual and intellectual growth and development in this art making process, it has enriched my life immensely. I thank God for the privilege and hope other people enjoy my work as well.”



Bill Rathbun

Oil Paintings


Leonore Alaniz

The Crafted Cloth

for attire, comfort & decor

Call Leonore at 860-605-6705 for more information or email: diagami@gmail.com




1. Leonore Alaniz

The Crafted Cloth

for attire, comfort & decor

An educational exhibit of contemporary textiles created by Indigenous
weavers in Afrika, Peru, Guatemala, India and New England.
With a trunk show and sale of Leonore's diagami apparel.
Visitors of all ages have opportunity to weave on a floor loom. 

Reception and Gallery Talk: July 16th, 2 - 6 PM


Gallery Hours: Thursdays - Sundays, 1 - 6 PM

Exhibit and Open Classroom Activities

with Leonore Alaniz:

July 14th and 21st and 28th, 2017

Children and adults are invited to spin wool fleece on a drop spindle into yarn, weave on a floor loom, and twist string into rope, as a way to trace the origins of textile metaphors that are embedded in the English language. They evoke associations and are "figures of speech”. Q: how did they come about? A: Individuals, intimately familiar with the original context, made them up! Q: What if I miss context? A: Then a metaphor is meaningless. So come and enact a few through interactive games, songs and stories. By donation.

Thursdays, July 14, 21, and 28 between 2 and 5 PM.

Call Leonore at 860-605-6705 for more information or email: diagami@gmail.com


2. Bill Rathbun

Oil Paintings



July 15th





Susan Valentine

Annual Open Studio & Gallery Show

Reception: Sunday, June 11th, 4-6pm

Gallery Hours: Thursday through Sunday, 1-5pm

See more at www.susanvalentineart.com




Kate Troast


Framing Faces

Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays, 1-5pm

A year long exploration of oil painting and faces by Kate Troast of Amherst, MA.
The paintings are based on photographs old and new of family, friends,
and people spotted on the street or in a cafe.

Reception: Saturday, April 22 from 5-9 pm




Leonore Alaniz


Warp and Weft

A retrospective exhibit of art-fabrics Leonore Alaniz designed and wove by hand over the course of three decades. They represent signature weave qualities and styles she created for her „diagami“ apparel collection and for interior decor.


Reception: Saturday April 29, 4-8pm


MAY 4–7

Buzzy Napoli, Masters Thesis

The Loss You Feel

photo, handwashing

From the artist:

"The Loss You Feel constitutes a personal exploration of disposable objects and everyday actions as sites of potential introspection and understanding. Through repetition and prolonged engagement I hope to convey the complexities of the mundane and to re-present what is so often overlooked by virtue of its familiarity.
This series of images and videos stems from those unusual moments in which the mundane presents itself in a new light, opening spaces between the familiar and the strange, the inanimate and the autonomous. It is my belief that these spaces, these middle grounds, facilitate empathy and understanding and that by engaging such spaces we may act and interact more responsibly and with greater care."

Reception: Thursday, May 4th, 5pm

MARCH 5th - 18th

Louise Minks'
5th Annual Student Art Show





Nasty Women Art Exhibit & Fundraiser, 2/10-12/17



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